Ride 2012-16: Sundays in Solitude

Maybe for some, the weather this past Sunday morning was not ideal. After all, it was cool (temps in the mid-50s), it was wet from overnight rain showers, and it was misting. There was a steady haze over everything, as the humidity was pegged out at 100%. It had a damp, muggy feel to the air. A steady mist coated the front of my bike and made it hard to see out of my glasses.

It was an awesome environment for a bike ride.

I enjoy riding in wet, Springtime conditions. Sure, 70s temperature, lots of sunshine, and mild winds are considered “ideal” for most cyclists. But they are also really boring.

I like a little adversity to the ride. Plus, there is something very calming about riding in the mist. People hide inside during this type of weather, so there is much more solitude on the bike. Nature is a little more quiet, yet also alive with birds singing and branches rustling. Nature itself becomes part of the riding experience and reminds me that I am just a simple, un-impactful part of its existence.

This was my ride on Sunday morning.

Saturday was a different story, as I had sunshine and warmer conditions. I chose to head north toward Corcoran and see some roads that I have not yet traveled in 2012. Straight out of Corcoran, I headed west on County Road 50 and was greeted with the countryside of my youth. Every 1/2 mile was segmented into a new farm site and many of the freshly-planted fields had the perfect ridges of a Japanese zen garden.

Saturday’s ride was a good one, but I suffered the pain associated with a 10 day break from the bike. Springtime riding only works when I am getting steady miles into my body. Even small breaks seem to reset everything and lose any gains that I may have made the week before.

With Saturday’s miles in my legs (plus a sore back from some much-needed yard work on Saturday), I was a little hesitant to jump on the bike Sunday morning. But a quick glance outside and I knew that I would like the ride.

My planned route was going to be sub-20 miles, so I knew my aching muscles could pull it off. This time I chose south and worked my way through Long Lake and toward Lake Minnetonka. After hitting the bike trail back toward Wayzata, I worked my way through town and approach my house from the south along Vicksburg Lane.

Sunday’s ride was not a ride meant for speed (too many obstacles and legs that did not want to pedal). It was a ride targeted to the joys of riding on a wet, Spring morning.