Ride 2012-19: A Week Return

Time in the saddle has taken a turn to the “non-existent” due to a job-related travel event this past week. I spent much of the week in Dallas and had no time to exercise either by pedaling or in the hotel gym. That’s actually OK, because my passion for the bike often comes in waves and I wasn’t feeling “it” this week.

Still, even when it’s a little forced, it feels good to be on the bike.

Sunday’s ride was both cold and windy. When temperatures are in the 50′s – it can feel either warmer than expected or cooler than expected. I think it all depends on the humidity. If the air is both moist and cool, it can really cut through any cycling gear and feel cold. Dry air feels 10 degrees warmer than you prepare for. Sunday was clearly on the cold/wet side and I was chilly for most of the ride.

Heading out to my usual stomping ground in Medina, I changed up my planned route mid-ride in hopes of spreading out the impact of the south-eastern wind. Instead of the intended out-n-back approach, I cut south on Hunter Drive and connected up with County Road 6. The goal was to face some of the wind early in the ride, instead of the entire return portion of the loop. This would introduce more northern direction riding than I originally intended.

There were plenty of other cyclists on the road and I was in a waving mood so I tried to be friendly. I still kept to my rule of not waving to anyone with aerobars – which meant that I only attempted to acknowledge about one-in-three cyclists on the road. The west metro is still infested with wanna-be triathletes. They are easy to spot from long distances because they tend to swerve all around the road.

The last few miles were no fun as I hit the wind head-on. My lack of steady miles was revealed and my legs staged the usual protest.

Let’s hope that it was my last ride where I am trying to recover from a week away from the saddle.